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Breast Cancer Support

Seeking breast cancer support is very important when suffering from the disease. Breast cancer is one disease that has both physical and emotional consequences. Breast cancer is said to be the second most common cancer in the world, the first being lung cancer. It is no surprise then that a very high percentage of women suffer from the disease. It is also estimated that over 85% of women who do get breast cancer actively seek support and information about the disease. One of the largest movements of breast cancer support is the pink ribbon awareness program.

However, there are several smaller support groups that work in almost all areas now. Asking your doctor about these will help in many ways. Keep in mind that breast cancer can and usually does result in mastectomy and more often than not, this has a severe effect on the woman’s confidence levels. Apart from the surgery itself, dealing with the trauma of chemotherapy or radiation is not a good experience either.

Joining a breast cancer support group can help in more ways than one. To begin with, one does not feel isolated in her agony. Meeting other survivors helps understand that there is life after the cancer too. The fear of the surgery or the therapies can be quite overwhelming. Most support groups help in dealing with this fear. Sometimes problems like finding a good doctor, what to pay for the tests, how to deal with the hair loss, what kind of bra to wear after the surgery, etc, can all be solved by a good support group. Most doctors will guide patients to join a comfortable support group in order to deal with the other aspects of the recovery that are not medical in nature.

With the advent of the internet, today, women have the option of joining breast cancer online support groups also. Online support groups are no doubt convenient but they also help to learn about how the cancer is being dealt with overseas. These groups’ help tremendously in keeping a positive outlook.

When seeking support for breast cancer, it will help to check up a few local hospitals too. More often than not, hospitals dealing with the cancer encourage support groups and therefore are happy to give out information about them to those who would like to join.

Breast cancer support groups don’t need to be restrictive in any way. Women of different cultures and backgrounds, not to mention ages, have come together to form these groups and have benefited immensely from them. This deadly cancer can strike almost anyone.

Keeping a positive outlook is very important in recovering from almost any disease. Those who give up on life emotionally are much more prone to loosing the battle against this cancer. Seek out the most appropriate breast cancer support and fight back.

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