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Common methods of cancer treatment

1. Surgeons: One of the most effective treatments and the potential to eliminate cancer cells from a successful surgery. The entire breast or maybe a limited part of the breast is removed as the amount of the spread and stage of disease progression. Cancer surgery is well marked for 4 types. This type of surgery is breast-conserving surgery, mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy and breast cancer.

2. Chemotherapy:
Chemotherapy is a process whereby the internal administration of medications helps kill cancer cells and prevents their growth.

3. Hormone therapy:
Hormone therapy is usually a cure for breast cancer, which has a number of substances that repair of the body and reduces the development of cancer cells. Estrogens have been shown to induce the growth of breast cancer in some cases.

4. Radiation therapy:
Radiation therapy is essentially a process where energy X-rays often used to kill cancer cells inside the body. These rays also help reduce the spread of cancer cells.

5. Targeted Therapy:
Another type of remedy that helps to destroy cancer cells without harming healthy cells is known for a targeted therapy. Targeted therapies used in chemotherapy for breast cancer is generally of two types of monoclonal antibodies and tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

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